Name Change in Birth Certificate

(1) Affidavit of name change (2) Newspaper Publication (3) Gazette Publication

(1) Affidavit for Adult/Individual : For an Affidavit, go to local notary and request for a name change affidavit on a Non- Judicial Stamp paper. I used 100 Rs. Stamp Paper. Value of stamp paper may vary state to state. It is advised to take 100 Rs. stamp Paper if you don’t know.Attest it from Notary.Affidavit must contain your old name, new name, your father name, address and reason of changing your name ( Marriage, Astrology, Addition of Surname etc.)

For a central government employee : Use format of deed changing name/surname on the stamp paper instead of the normal name changing affidavit performa and attest it from notary. You need to sign it from two people of your office as a witness and with there official address. It is good to choose gazetted officers of your department.

(2) News Paper Publication : You have to publish the Advertisement in two local daily newspapers name change in birth certificate (National Level Paper like times of India, Hindustan times etc.). It is suggested to choose one English and one local language news paper. Keep the 5 copy of both at least for future reference. You can use online websites to print your advertisement or go to local news paper office.

News Paper Performa : Keep it simple. I, (old name) S/O (father name) employed as ( Your designation) at ( Name of Department) and resident of (Your Address with Pincode) has changed my name to (New Name) as per affidavit No: ———- sworn before notary (Name of notary person) on dt. —/—/—If you are not employed, skip employed as and at.

(3) Gazette Publication : Gazette notification can be done in state or central Gazette. Central Gazette is a better option to publish your name change advertisment and for government employees it is a mandatory step. You need to send a few documents to department of publication so It is better to go for it. List of documents needed -

It is advised to contact the department using contact number given on website. Confirm the list and demand draft value for publication.

Time Taken (Expected) in whole Process :

(1) 1 day For affidavit

(2) 1 day for News Paper Publication

(3) 3–4 Days to prepare documents and Demand draft for Publication in the Gazette.

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